American Indian Economic Development Technical Assistance

The Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council’s Small Business Technical Assistance Program (SBTAP) has provided entrepreneurial planning and readiness, small business training, and financial literacy as well as individualized client technical assistance to Native entrepreneurs in eight Wisconsin tribal communities since 2005. The SBTAP provides technical assistance to tribal enterprises and Indian businesses located on the reservation or off the reservation that directly benefit the economy of the reservation to include developing a business and marketing plan; securing development financing; and gaining access to tribal, state, and federal business assistance and financing.

Program Goals and Objectives

The goal of SBTAP is to provide small business training and technical assistance to facilitate Native small business startup and to create and retain jobs through Native small business development and to support Native Americans in becoming more economically independent and financially secure.

The funding source for the SBTAP is the American Indian Economic Development Technical Assistance Program (AIEDTAP). This program equips aspiring and established native entrepreneurs with the skills and tools necessary to run and strengthen a small business through individualized trainings and technical assistance.

Technical Assistance is one of the most effective methods of building the capacity of entrepreneurs and small-business owners. The AIEDTAP can help participants learn how to position themselves for business opportunities and resource information for accessing capital.

The tools that entrepreneurs and small business owners acquire through technical assistance also help them to develop credibility and legitimacy with potential customers, clients, and partners as well as network with service and capital providers and other small businesses. The AIEDTAP offers Entrepreneurial workshops. These “hands-on” workshops are designed for Native American Entrepreneurs interested in starting or expanding a small business. The training provides comprehensive information on topics including business models, planning, marketing, market research, and break-even analysis.