Wisconsin Native American Tobacco Network (WNATN)

WNATN works with Wisconsin’s 11 Tribes. WNATN respects the unique cultural and ceremonial use of tobacco while aggressively pursuing the prevention and elimination of commercial tobacco abuse, utilizing best practices. WNATN collaborates with communities to promote cessation, prevent commercial tobacco abuse, and second hand smoke. The process is accomplished through capacity building, education and increasing awareness of traditional tobacco use in a culturally appropriate manner.


  • Smoke-free air
  • To eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke
  • Provide means for Tobacco related prevention activities Outreach and Education to Tribal and State Leaders Network/Coalition Development and Maintenance

Funding Source: State of Wisconsin Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (TPCP)

Tobacco: Honoring our Traditions and our Health (Video 2017) This video, completed in August 2017, describes efforts in Wisconsin to resist commercial tobacco and increase respect for traditional tobacco. Discusses Ho-Chunk Nation's success in making their Madison casino 100% smoke-free, the launch of Lac du Flambeau's new Indian Bowl as a smoke-free facility, and other efforts.