Foster Grandparent Program (FGP)

The Tribal Disability Benefit Specialist Program (DBS) provides assistance and advocacy for tribal members, 18 – 59 years of age, with disabilities. A Tribal Disability Benefit Specialist can help determine which benefits tribal members are entitled to, identify a process to apply for benefits, assist in the application process, and assist in an appeal process if necessary. Specialists are trained to help tribal members with Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicare, Medical Assistance – Health Insurance, Food Share, Utility Assistance and Veteran Benefits.

Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence.” – Mourning Dove [Christine Quintasket] (1888-1936) Salish

The Foster Grandparent Program (FGP), sponsored by Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council (GLITC) in Lac du Flambeau, is a federally and state funded volunteer program whose mission is to connect tribal elders with youth who can benefit from the assistance, mentoring, tutoring and friendship of an older adult.  Volunteers are matched with children in schools, head starts, after school program and tribal youth centers to provide one-on-one and group interaction.  Statistics indicate the child-elder connection brings about social, emotional and academic improvements in children. Volunteers benefit from the satisfaction of making a difference, a deeper sense of community connection and social interaction with other senior volunteers.  Volunteers must be 55 or older, pass a three-part background check, and have an income at 200% or less of the federal poverty level to be eligible for a tax-free stipend payment.  Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council in Lac du Flambeau places FGP volunteers in the tribal communities where they live.  If you are 55 or older, meet the income guidelines and have a desire to help children in your tribal community, contact Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council’s FGP Program at (800) 472-7207