Coronavirus Preparedness and Response (CPAR)

Project goals and objectives

Through CPAR, GLITEC will build a robust digital communication platform that includes an information delivery system and emergency response website. Through this platform, information from GLITEC and state, federal, and other partners can be shared rapidly and efficiently, allowing community members and decision-makers to access the information they need to respond to emerging crises on community and individual levels. Specifically, the emergency response website will serve as an information hub and delivery system. It will function as a single, centralized location where American Indian/Alaska Native community leaders and health professionals can go to find information related to COVID-19 and other emergencies in the Bemidji Area and get targeted communications for the general American Indian/Alaska Native public in the region.

In addition, CPAR is working to develop risk communication materials, disseminate regular epidemiology situation reports, assess communication emergency response needs of communities, identify effective communication interfaces, and host calls with Bemidji Area communities. The planned strategies and activities to be conducted by the CPAR project are designed to facilitate communication with American Indian/Alaska Native communities in the Bemidji Area during emergency response efforts and empower the communities in responding to COVID-19 and other emergencies. Overall, these activities are intended to provide new and better ways to connect with communities, facilitate partnerships, improve communication, and provide and receive information.