Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center (GLITEC)

Flu and Immunization Resources

GLITEC has produced a variety of materials related to flu and immunization. These materials include videos, posters, flyers, fact sheets, reminder-recall postcards, and reports. Bemidji Area IHS, Tribal, and urban Indian clinics can order select materials at no cost.

Immunization Materials Order Form for Bemidji Area I/T/Us

Vaccines in Indian Country Videos

COVID-19 Materials

COVID-19 Social Media Frames

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Social Media Frames


COVID-19 Publications

COVID-19 Factsheets

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and COVID19 Vaccine and Prevention Factsheet 2021_Updated 2021.08_Page_1

Flu Materials

Flu Social Media Images

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Flu-Vaccine Social Media Images

Flu-Vaccine-Social-Media-Square_1800x1800_Get Your Flu Vaccine Today
Flu-Vaccine-Social-Media-Square_1800x1800_Spread Love, Not Flu
Flu-Vaccine-Social-Media-Banner_820x360_Get Your Flu Vaccine Today
Flu-Vaccine-Social-Media-Banner_820x360_Spread Love, Not Flu

Flu Postcards

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Flu-Vaccine Postcards

Flu-Vaccine_Postcard_Protect the Ones You Love_Page_1
Flu-Vaccine_Postcard_Protect the Ones You Love_Page_2
Flu-Vaccine_Postcard_Spread Love, Not Flu_Page_1
Flu-Vaccine_Postcard_Spread Love, Not Flu_Page_2

Flu Flyers and Posters

Flu-COVID_Posters_Protect Our Elders_HR
Flu-COVID_Posters_Protect The Ones You Love_HR
Flu-COVID_Posters_Spread Love_HR

Flu Factsheets

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Flu, COVID, and Cold Factsheets

Flu and COVID Comparison Factsheet_Page_1
Flu, COVID, and Cold Symptom Comparison Factsheet
Flu Vaccine FAQ

Childhood Immunization Materials

Childhood Immunization Social Media Images

Childhood Immunization Reminder - Recall Postcards

image for website 2

Childhood Immunization Flyers and Posters

BACIP_Flyer_Journey of Life_Final
BACIP_Flyer_Newest Generation_Final
BACIP_Flyer_Path to Good Health_Final

Childhood Immunization Factsheets


Childhood Immunization Publications