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GLITEC’s Free Drinking Water Testing Program

Who is eligible to participate in this program?

  • Participation is open to all Tribal schools and childcare centers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan (except lead testing).
    • Facilities located in Michigan must have lead testing done by the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan. Please contact the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan Environmental Services Department at 906-632-6896 ext. 115
    • PFAS other heavy metal testing can be done by GLITEC for facilities in Michigan.

Why participate in this program?

  • By participating in this program, your facility will help make sure that children have safe, clean drinking water.
  • Additional benefits of participating include:
    • Limit potential long-term health effects in young children
    • Free water testing for PFAS, arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals
    • An incentive up to $1,500 for lead testing
    • GLITEC’s assistance in interpreting results
    • GLITEC’s assistance in deciding on remediation efforts (if needed)

How to sign-up:

  • Click the "Sign Up Today" button below to enroll in free drinking water testing
  • A drinking water testing employee will reach out to you soon after you complete the form to talk about next steps