GLITEC’s Free Drinking Water Testing Program


Drinking water in the test tube for chemical and microbiological analysis

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GLITEC offers free drinking water testing for lead, PFAS, and other heavy metals.

GLITEC has a free drinking water testing program for Tribal childcare centers, after school programs, boys and girls clubs, Tribal schools, and other similar Tribal operated programs and facilities. The program tests for lead, PFAS, and other heavy metals. The goal of this program is to protect the health of all children and people who use education facilities.

All childcare centers and schools should test for contaminants in drinking water to prevent vulnerable people like children from coming into contact with dangerous contaminants like lead, arsenic, and PFAS. The presence of these contaminants in drinking water can lead to serious health issues like cancer, birth complications, and neurological disorders. Many of these contaminants are especially dangerous to children, babies, and pregnant women.

Facilities can have their water tested for all three groups of contaminants:

  • Lead
  • PFAS
  • Additional heavy metals

GLITEC ensures data security, as the results of the testing are strictly between GLITEC and the facility.

By participating in this program, your facility will help make sure that children have safe, clean drinking water.

This program also offers the following:

  • Free water testing for PFAS, arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals
  • An incentive up to $1,500 for lead testing
  • GLITEC’s assistance in interpreting results
  • GLITEC’s assistance in deciding on remediation efforts (if needed)

Participation is open to all Tribal schools and childcare centers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan (except lead testing). This includes the following Tribally operated facilities:

  • Childcare centers
  • Head Start programs
  • Early Head Start Centers
  • Elementary schools
  • Middle schools
  • Tribally operated schools
  • Youth programs
  • After school programs
  • Daycare centers
  • Other centers deemed necessary for testing by Tribal leadership

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